I am an underwater portrait and ocean photographer who calls Sydney, Australia, my home.

I have always had a fascination for water since I was a kid, but born and raised in Madrid, Spain it was only through my parents’ backyard pool that I was able to enjoy it.

Art has been a recurring theme in my life through drawings when I was a child and then pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts as a young adult. However, my passion for the aquatic environment made me follow a scuba diving career since 2006, traveling the world, exploring remote locations and finally landing in Australia and picking up a camera 10 years ago.

I bought my first mirrorless camera system in 2011; no lights and no knowledge of underwater photography whatsoever but I was hungry to replicate some of the incredible shots I had seen others take in my travels.

As my photography has evolved I find myself enjoying a variety of styles and environments. Once my head slips under the liquid surface all I want to do is to capture that one moment where light, patterns and colours meet to recreate an image that portrays the beauty of being underwater.

My underwater portrait photography has led me to use any location such as a private pool or the ocean itself to display the beauty and vulnerability of the human body. I’m passionate about creating an unforgettable underwater experience for any of my clients and tailor this journey to their needs.

Please submerge yourself in my view of the underwater world.

Image taken by Rick Reimer at one of our local water spots